The Lost Witch (The Lost Universe Trilogy Book 1)

Interesting plot with just enough description to beautifully paint the plot and characters without overly weighing down the story with excessive details. The writing flow is like gliding through the air. This author has created a story line like a chocolate bar in three pieces. The first third is wonderfully yummy and you can’t wait to get to the second portion, yet you want to savor every bite. Looking forward to the next book! ~ Kindle Customer review

Mackenzie has been alone since the night her mother was murdered. When her long-lost twin brother shows up, her life changes forever. She’s offered the key to her forgotten history… and a world filled with magic, witches, fae, and dragons.
But an evil witch and a tyrannical king threaten Mackenzie’s new life and the people she loves. Will she learn to use her powers in time to save them all? Find out in THE LOST WITCH today!

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