Du Bois by indie author TJ Mines

Du Bois (Frozen Apocalypse) by Theo Van Lieshout/ TJ Mines is highly enjoyable and well written. The story is very entertaining and has enough plot twists to keep you entertained.

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Set in a frozen wasteland, Du Bois is the last city before the ice cap starts. One of the last democratic society in the world, trade and entertainment thrive in Du Bois. Freedom of speech and religion make it the only known place where all are welcome. But for how long? Follow Ismael on his quest to protect Du Bois from Al Bari attacks, from within and without. Aand Abdul, who is visiting the city for the first time and finds the last thing he expects there. See how far the corruption of the world goes. Quotes from readers: “This is like the prelude to the Mad Max series!” – Richard “I need to know how it continues, give me the sequel.” – Maria

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