Close Proximity by Chris Pike and MD Cooper

Author Chris Pike has been a big part of the backstory for the Aeon 14 universe. Now Chris is getting her chance to tell us the story of the years after Destiny Lost and the Battle of Bollam’s World. Find it on Amazon today!

Ride along with Kylie Rhoads and the crew of the Dauntless in this, part of the expanding scope of the Orion War. This story tell us what happened to the nanotech that Tanis sold S&H Defensive Armaments, and how were things faring in the pirate-ridden, coreward edge of the Silstrand Alliance. Follow Kylie Rhoads and the crew of the Dauntless in this, part of the expanding scope of the Orion War.

Reading Order
The Aeon 14 universe is vast and growing quickly.

The Books of Aeon 14
The Intrepid Saga
Book 1: Outsystem
Book 2: A Path in the Darkness
Book 3: Building Victoria
Book 1 & 2 Extended Edition: Desitiny Rising
The Orion War
Book 1: Destiny Lost
Tales of the Orion War: Set the Galaxy on Fire (short story anthology)
Book 2: New Canaan
Book 3: Orion Rising
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Perilous Alliance (Age of the Orion War)
Book 1: Close Proximity
Book 2: Strike Vector (coming August, 2017)
Book 3: Collision Course (coming October, 2017)
Sentience Wars: Origins (The Sentience Wars)
Book 1: Lyssa’s Dream (coming July 2017)
Book 2: Lyssa’s Run (coming October, 2017)
Rika’s Marauders (Age of the Orion War)
Prequel: Rika Mechanized
Book 1: Rika Outcast (coming August 2017)
Perseus Gate (Age of the Orion War)
Episode 1: The Gate at the Grey Wolf Star
Episode 2: The Sorld at the Edge of Space (coming July 2017)
Episode 3: The Dance on the Moons of Serenity
The Warlord (Age of the Orion War)
Book 1: The Woman Without a Country (coming September 2017)
The Sol Dissolution
The 242 – Venusian Uprising (In The Expanding Universe 2 anthology)
The 242 – Assault on Tarja (In The Expanding Universe 3 anthology – comming December 2017)
The Delta Team Chronicles (Age of the Orion War)
A “Simple” Kidnapping (Pew! Pew! anthology Volume #1)
The Disney World (Pew! Pew! anthology Volume #2 – September 2017)
The Plundered Chronicles
The Girl Who Touched the Stars

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