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#TheRealCinderella Cover Reveal Giveaway

Yesenia Vargas, YA Fiction Author  has a *COVER REVEAL GIVEAWAY!*

#TheRealCinderella, the first book of her new YA series is almost here!

It’ll be available on April 24, just a few short days away

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This #StrangerThings Giveaway is EVERYTHING!

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Sponsoring Authors: RJ Blain , Kris Austen Radcliffe, Devyn Jayse, Beata Blitz, Pauline Jim Creeden, Cabe Valion, Russell Nohelty, Rex Jameson, Willow Rose, Chrishaun Keller-Hanna, Jamie Thornton, Ella Wayne, Eli Constant, Natalie G. Owens, Rose Garcia, Erica Gerald Mason, Jason LaVelle, Kyndra Hatch, JB Michaels, Erin Lee,Tenaya Jayne, Rebecca Hamilton, Andre Gonzalez, Anne Renwick, Russell Newquist

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Shattered Soul by Amanda Booloodian

This is the first book in the AIR Series, and Booloodian’s imagination knows no bounds. Shattered Soul seamlessly blends urban and magical fantasy with the suspense and action of a hardboiled thrill-ride. Cassie is a relatable, complex protagonist who leads us through this fantastic world of elves, bullets, and psychic powers.
The first four books in the series are available at most major retailers today. Buy it NOW on Amazon

Close Proximity by Chris Pike and MD Cooper

Author Chris Pike has been a big part of the backstory for the Aeon 14 universe. Now Chris is getting her chance to tell us the story of the years after Destiny Lost and the Battle of Bollam’s World. Find it on Amazon today!

Ride along with Kylie Rhoads and the crew of the Dauntless in this, part of the expanding scope of the Orion War. This story tell us what happened to the nanotech that Tanis sold S&H Defensive Armaments, and how were things faring in the pirate-ridden, coreward edge of the Silstrand Alliance. Follow Kylie Rhoads and the crew of the Dauntless in this, part of the expanding scope of the Orion War.

Reading Order
The Aeon 14 universe is vast and growing quickly.

The Books of Aeon 14
The Intrepid Saga
Book 1: Outsystem
Book 2: A Path in the Darkness
Book 3: Building Victoria
Book 1 & 2 Extended Edition: Desitiny Rising
The Orion War
Book 1: Destiny Lost
Tales of the Orion War: Set the Galaxy on Fire (short story anthology)
Book 2: New Canaan
Book 3: Orion Rising
Visit to learn what’s coming next.
Perilous Alliance (Age of the Orion War)
Book 1: Close Proximity
Book 2: Strike Vector (coming August, 2017)
Book 3: Collision Course (coming October, 2017)
Sentience Wars: Origins (The Sentience Wars)
Book 1: Lyssa’s Dream (coming July 2017)
Book 2: Lyssa’s Run (coming October, 2017)
Rika’s Marauders (Age of the Orion War)
Prequel: Rika Mechanized
Book 1: Rika Outcast (coming August 2017)
Perseus Gate (Age of the Orion War)
Episode 1: The Gate at the Grey Wolf Star
Episode 2: The Sorld at the Edge of Space (coming July 2017)
Episode 3: The Dance on the Moons of Serenity
The Warlord (Age of the Orion War)
Book 1: The Woman Without a Country (coming September 2017)
The Sol Dissolution
The 242 – Venusian Uprising (In The Expanding Universe 2 anthology)
The 242 – Assault on Tarja (In The Expanding Universe 3 anthology – comming December 2017)
The Delta Team Chronicles (Age of the Orion War)
A “Simple” Kidnapping (Pew! Pew! anthology Volume #1)
The Disney World (Pew! Pew! anthology Volume #2 – September 2017)
The Plundered Chronicles
The Girl Who Touched the Stars

Violet Howe’s Diary of a Single Wedding Planner

Violet Howe has brought spunk, sarcasm and a sharp wit to the romance genre with her book “Diary of a Single Wedding Planner”

This is the first book of several in the “Tales Behind the Veil Series” Dive into them all today.

I blame the fairy tales. When you grow up watching every love story end in happily ever after, you come into adulthood with expectations. 

I never thought I’d reach twenty-five without finding The One. Of course, I’d know immediately he was The One because angels would sing, a light would shine down from the heavens, and he would be absolutely perfect in every way. 

Except that hasn’t happened in real life.

It doesn’t help that being a wedding planner means I’m surrounded by romance every day. Of course, I’m also surrounded by crazy bridezillas and their outlandish demands. If those chicks can find love, then what’s wrong with me?

It’s not like I haven’t been out on dates or tried to find Mr. Right. But have you seen what’s out there?

So go ahead. Read my diary. You might laugh. You might cry. You might question my sanity more than once. Lord knows, I’ve done all that and then some. But if there’s anything I’ve learned from the fairy tales and my crazy life, a lot happens between Once Upon A Time and Happily Ever After.

(This delightful first volume in the Tales Behind the Veils wedding planner trilogy chronicles Tyler’s wacky misadventures, both personal and professional. You’re sure to be charmed and entertained by the Diary of a Single Wedding Planner.

Tim McGregor’s SPOOKSHOW, 1st book is FREE

Get SPOOKSHOW Free on Amazon!  This very well received series just saw book 8 release, start from the beginning for free!!
Billie Culpepper can see the dead, ever since a freak accident left her in a coma for 3 days. Then a friend with an obsession for the paranormal convinces her to go see the Murder House, an old ramshackle of a house that’s been abandoned for over 70 years

Bundle of Trouble:A Lynnlee Lincoln Bookset by Oliva Harden

Let me start by saying this: There has not been a book that Olivia Hardin has written that I have not liked – make that loved!!! I love books with werewolves, vampires, fae, and more – just not zombies. And this book has a big variety – ok, there is a zombie who makes a brief appearance in one of the stories – but she was just a minor character at a big party.

There are a number of stories in this book and they are all about Lynlee Lincoln. Lynlee Lincoln is a magickal being who watches over a bunch of MAUCs (Magical and undead creatures). Lynlee is a Neutralizer and it’s her job to get and try to keep the MAUCs out of trouble. I don’t write spoilers – but OMG, this is one of the best books that you could pick up for a fun read!!!!

I will warn you about this — when you start reading this book, you will find it hard to put it down until you reach the last page!!!
~ Sue Ann B , Amazon Review

Grab Yours TODAY!

Broken Promises : A CPS Novel By Christy Wilson

Christy Wilson is the author of the CPS series, which follows the life and cases of Child Protective Services worker Sadey Collins. Although her degree is in Elementary Education, with a Master’s Degree in Reading, Christy spent several years working in social work. She started as a Homefinder for a foster care agency, before spending several years working for Child Protective Services. Investigating the abuse and neglect of children is mentally taxing and she has experienced first-hand the many challenges, and few successes, that are experienced by CPS workers.

Find this book now at Amazon

The BAD WOLF Series By Tim McGregor

Ok, first I should just come out and say it, I have a serious crush on this cover. SO serious I actually showed the husband and forced him to put on glasses so he “could get a real good look at it.” I can’t explain it. This is just how true love works. Magic.

Once I was able to stop staring at the cover I dug into what was a very well written crime novel. It is well placed in the category of “Mystery and Suspense” instead of being pigeon holed as a werewolf story. We follow Lara, a freshly promoted homicide detective, who has been moved up to keep her new partner in line. In some ways I could make several rather hilarious (ok, at least to me) Lethal Weapon jokes if Lara were only an old black man about to retire. Garrison, her new partner, is clearly off his rails. Everything goes instantly “to cutting the crap to get to the confession”. He takes no pause, shoots from the hip, punches first, asking questions later, and would much rather work alone. Lara has a few tricks up her sleeve and from time to time manages to impress him (and me). I was glued to my kindle as the story played out, I rather enjoyed the twists and turns and a few “No don’t open that door” moments like any scary story would provide.  The incorporation of the paranormal into what seemed to everyone to be a straightforward murder case was a fun twist. The development of the Wolf was very well done.  There are some things here that I just refuse to spoil, but let me just say, that moment with the priest, well done Mr. McGregor. I very much enjoyed that.

This book has been out for a few years. This series of three are all published and available. This first book is also free, that is right FREE.  Personally I thought that the story ended well (as well as that can at least) but there were a few reviews complaining of cliffhangers. I personally disagree, I felt the author did a great job closing it all up, but the last page does leave us ready for book two!  We will be hosting an author chat with Tim McGregor over in PaperSisters Book Club on June 22nd. Hope to see you there.

Book Description:

Detective Lara Mendes’s hard work pays off when she finally gets to join the homicide detail. There’s only one catch; she has to partner up with a cop no one wants to work with.

John Gallagher is a veteran homicide detective who wants nothing more than to work alone. When the Lieutenant partners him with Lara Mendes, his first reaction is to ditch her but a call comes in about a body on the river bank and the rotation says they’re up.

What they find are human remains, mutilated and partially devoured. Their investigation reveals a killer stalking the city with a pack of vicious, feral dogs.
And the suspect believes he is a werewolf.

But this is Portland, where crazy bastards outnumber normal ones ten to one. Except there’s another catch. The crazy werewolf guy? He isn’t crazy…

Time Trap: A Time Travel Thriller

Time Trap: A Time Travel Thriller by Jill Cooper (originally published as 15 Minutes) is a Time-hoping mystery that has already been optioned for a movie.
Read it now, before it hits the big screen!

Fifteen minutes is all the Rewind Agency gives you to relive a memory in the past, but for street smart Lara Crane it’s enough time for her to race through the city, find her mother and stop her murder from happening over ten years ago.

When Lara takes a bullet meant for her mother, her future changes forever. A new house, new friends, and a new boyfriend turns Lara’s life upside down. But with memories slowly leaking in from her new life, Lara realizes not everything is as it seems.

With the mob after her and a US senator that wants her captured for her time travel ability, Lara is going to have to fight for her life and unravel a government conspiracy to reunite her family. Or die trying.

Time Trap is an edgy high octane techno-thriller where the people Lara trusts change in an instant. She is in a timeline she doesn’t understand and is about to make one fatal mistake as she faces an enemy so familiar, he’s family.

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