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John Green Books & Swag Giveaway

Another wonderful Megan Crewe Give-away.

Do you love John Green’s quirky characters and heartwrenching stories? Then you’ll want to get in on this giveaway!. One lucky reader will win a signed first edition of The Fault In Our Stars, Green’s latest book Turtles All the Way Down, the DVD of the movie The Fault In Our Stars, a necklace with a TFIOS quote, and two bookmarks. Open worldwide (see rules for details)!

This giveaway is sponsored by YA authors Katlyn Duncan (This Summer), Jeanne Bannon (Love Bites), Stacey Trombley (Naked), L.V. Pires (A Pain Less Ordinary), and Philippa Cameron (The Day We Are Born). By entering you’ll also be signed up to hear book news from each of them.

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Twilight Books & Swag Giveaway

Another Amazing Give-away by Megan Crewe

Twilight fans, still in love with Bella and Edward’s epic romance? This giveaway pack will let you extend the magic with a prize pack including the Twilight Official Illustrated Guide, the Complete Film Archive, Bella and Edward action figures, and an Edward tote bag. Open worldwide (see rules for details)!

This giveaway is sponsored by YA authors Michelle Madow (The Vampire Wish), Pauline Creeden (Salt), Kayla Howarth (Losing Nuka), Rachel Jonas (The Genesis of Evangeline), and Samantha Britt (Enlightened). By entering you’ll also be signed up to hear book news from each of them.

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Home Planet by SR Bond

Charlie’s life of privilege ended ten years ago, when trusting the wrong person threw Earth into turmoil. She couldn’t have known the boy she loved was using her to conquer the planet. Guilty and scared, running away seemed like the only option.
The life she’s built in space ends suddenly when she finds out her brother is alive and needs her help. And she needs to get revenge on the alien who took everything from her.
In a broken world, Charlie has to find the strength to save her brother, her planet, and herself.

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Du Bois by indie author TJ Mines

Du Bois (Frozen Apocalypse) by Theo Van Lieshout/ TJ Mines is highly enjoyable and well written. The story is very entertaining and has enough plot twists to keep you entertained.

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Set in a frozen wasteland, Du Bois is the last city before the ice cap starts. One of the last democratic society in the world, trade and entertainment thrive in Du Bois. Freedom of speech and religion make it the only known place where all are welcome. But for how long? Follow Ismael on his quest to protect Du Bois from Al Bari attacks, from within and without. Aand Abdul, who is visiting the city for the first time and finds the last thing he expects there. See how far the corruption of the world goes. Quotes from readers: “This is like the prelude to the Mad Max series!” – Richard “I need to know how it continues, give me the sequel.” – Maria

Shadows Through the Fog by Amanda Leanne

Shadows are often benign, nothing to truly fear, and yet our minds create from them. We see them twist and form into something sinister, something eerie, something that makes our skin crawl or our heart race. As the fog manipulates the landscape, so does it change the shadows. With our minds, we further pull from the blurry images and a tale is formed. From vengeful women to those that welcome death to haunting moments, these stories are a mixed bag of random dark tales from the mind of Amanda Leanne. Written over the past decade, this is a small compilation of stories pulled from the shadows in the fog.

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This collection of dark and eerie stories contains eleven tales to wet your appetite. The Other side of the Mirror and Something’s Changed were certainly my favourites. I could easily see these being developed into fuller stories. I’m sure each reader will find something to appreciate and their own favourites. I especially liked that each story brought a new voice and direction with it. I would recommend this to all readers who enjoy dipping into dark tales, like me! ~~ review by Reader4life, on Amazon

The Lost Witch (The Lost Universe Trilogy Book 1)

Interesting plot with just enough description to beautifully paint the plot and characters without overly weighing down the story with excessive details. The writing flow is like gliding through the air. This author has created a story line like a chocolate bar in three pieces. The first third is wonderfully yummy and you can’t wait to get to the second portion, yet you want to savor every bite. Looking forward to the next book! ~ Kindle Customer review

Mackenzie has been alone since the night her mother was murdered. When her long-lost twin brother shows up, her life changes forever. She’s offered the key to her forgotten history… and a world filled with magic, witches, fae, and dragons.
But an evil witch and a tyrannical king threaten Mackenzie’s new life and the people she loves. Will she learn to use her powers in time to save them all? Find out in THE LOST WITCH today!

The Guardian Series by Mandie Stevens (books 1-3)


“This page-turner breathes fresh new life into paranormal reads, with a fabulous melding of the angel versus demon and supernatural beings genres.” – Mama’s Got Flair
Books 1 – 3 of The Guardian series

Eva doesn’t claim to be a good guardian angel, but she tries. After she loses two charges, the Powers That Be begin to doubt her abilities. To redeem herself, Eva sets out to rescue Elsie, granddaughter of the former king of the Fae. A demon has kidnapped Elsie to complete an ancient ritual that will allow him to slip through the veil between Earth and Hell during the Sturgeon moon.
Thomas, an angel liaison, finally lands his first mission. But when he’s paired with the angel responsible for his uncle’s death, he has to put aside their differences to get the job done. With unlikely friends in tow, Eva and Thomas are in a race against time. Save Elsie, save the world—oh, and save Eva’s job.

Eva and Thomas are getting on each others’ nerves. The two angels need a break, badly, but being bound to each other by magic means no separate vacations. To make things worse, when Thomas is charmed by a Succubus, their powers are compromised, making them a target for the local demonic population in Italy.
When their assignment to save a soul from Hell brings them face-to-face with someone from Thomas’ past, Eva is confronted with a choice: complete the mission and safe-guard their charge, or save her partner, the one being with whom she’s ever truly connected.

Curse of the Tolomato Cemetery :
Eva and Thomas are used to dealing with things that go bump in the night, but on an unexpected day off, the last thing they expect to encounter are vampire pirates–and Thomas’ old flame. When the vampires capture that ex-lover, the two must brave a haunted cemetery to stop the quest and save the day.

This book is 18+ due to language and suggested sex.

Successful to Burnt Out: Experiences of Women on the Autism Spectrum

Indie Author Karletta Abianac is a blogger, writer, and former public speaker from Queensland, Australia.
As a teenager, she wrote and produced a street zine in Brisbane called Cookies Youth Magazine. Karletta has long been a community activist; in 2003, she received a Queensland Government Youth Up-Front Award for her “Volunteer Work and Commitment to Social Change”, and her first full-length book was entitled Fill in the Gaps – Guide to Community Event Management.
Karletta received an autism diagnosis as an adult, and her Autism memoir series draws on that experience. In her free time, Karletta enjoys writing poetry, practicing Egyptian hieroglyphs and collecting rocks near her home in Brisbane

The Weeping Bridge by Adria Waters


“The Weeping Bridge” is a good start to what appears to be an interesting YA paranormal series. This novel does not rush to the “good” part, in this case, the creepy, mysterious, and often tender world of ghosts. Instead, “Bridge” takes the time to develop likeable characters, and grow relationships in such a way to render the plot more plausible. There are many loose ends left hanging and connections left unmade, ensuring plenty of opportunity for future installments in the series. It’s definitely girl’s YA fiction, a little escapist, but with strong pathos.

Recommended for ghost lovers, series readers, and sensitive souls. ~ JD Stone , Amazon Review

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